Potential GW3 Early Transfers

GW2 is currently in full swing and by 12:30pm, the Aguero dilemma will be made clear. As it stands our squad is currently on 11 points from 3 players, with Richarlison continuing his fine start to the season with another goal. However, with plenty of the game week still to play, we are currently considering GW3 early transfers for the squad.

Rumours started yesterday that Sanchez didn’t travel with the squad to Brighton for todays match. Nothing has been confirmed, however it hasn’t brought confidence for FPL managers who own him. Sanchez was poor in the opening fixture and rung alarm bells over the decision to pick him for GW1. If Sanchez was to miss todays game, his next match is Tottenham at home. We don’t predict Sanchez to necessarily shine in this fixture either, and at £10.5m its a big price tag.

According to fantasyfootballfix, Sanchez’s price is expected to fall tonight. Ownership for the player has declined after the news of him possibly not travelling. To avoid being caught by this price drop, we are planning on bringing in Eden Hazard to replace the Chilean.

Hazard only played 15 minutes in the opening fixture, and 30 minutes against Arsenal yesterday. However, the Belgian has assisted in both matches and changed the game yesterday to propel Chelsea to victory. His cameo appearances have highlighted his immense ability and prove the importance he has in the team. The style of football Sarri plays is evident that Chelsea will be more expressive in attack than under Conte .

Sarri has also suggested that Hazard is close to match fitness and in turn playing 90 minutes. Looking at the upcoming fixtures for Chelsea, it seems the perfect time to bring in Hazard.

Hazard fixtures

So Sanchez to Hazard is the first transfer that we are considering tonight.

The second transfer is selling Joshua King (£6.5m) for Danny Ings (£5.5m). Similar to Sanchez, King is expected to fall in price tonight. King has also been unable to bring his pre season form into the season, and has been out shone by his fellow striker Calum Wilson. King hasn’t posted good underlaying stats either, making it difficult to see a reason to keep him in the squad.

Ings on the other hand scored yesterday in Southampton’s 2-1 loss against Everton. Ings’ playing time has been from the bench, but with Austin not performing well we can see his playing time increasing. Along with that, Ings is  £1.0m cheaper than King and would provide some budget to improve other areas of the squad.

So thats the transfers we are planning tonight, we will tweet the decision we make so keep an eye out for them!

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