GW4 score team

Fantasy Football – Gameweek 5 Squad Preview

In this article we are reflecting on our game week 4 performance, and look ahead to the FPL gameweek 5 preview of the squad. Gameweek 4 Review Gameweek 4 points: 50 Overall points: 283 Overall Gameweek rank: 44,183 Gameweek 4 proved to be a difficult week for many FPL managers, with only a 44 point average across the game. We...



Top 5 GW4 FPL Player Picks

In this article, we are picking our top 5 GW4 FPL player picks and why we think they are returning big points. Hazard Hazard (Β£10.6m) started his first match last weekend against Newcastle and rewarded FPL managers with a fine performance topped with a goal. He now has 16 points after 3 matches, averaging 5.3 points per match. Hazard has...


Gameweek 4 squad

Fantasy Football – Gameweek 4 Squad Preview

In this article we are reflecting on our game week 3 performance, and look ahead to the gameweek 4 preview of the squad. Gameweek 3 Review Gameweek 3 points: 61 Overall points: 233 Overall Gameweek rank: 37,544 The great start to the FPL season continues with a great score of 61 points from our wildcard squad. It turned out to...


Wildcard final squad

Fantasy Football – Final Gameweek 3 Wildcard Team

As mentioned in our previous article, we activated our wildcard shortly after GW2, to the horror of some FPL managers. And like a kid in a candy store, we have spent the past week drafting countless teams with the plethora of FPL players on show. Like most kids in a candy store, we’ve been left with far too much choice...



Top 5 GW3 FPL Player Picks

In this article, we have identified our top 5 GW3 FPL player picks and the players that have great fixtures coming up. Salah Last season’s top FPL point scorer tops the list, ahead of his teammate Sadio Mane. Liverpool host Brighton on Saturday and go into the game having not conceded a goal in the opening 2 fixtures. Brighton on...


Wildcard squad

GW3 Wildcard

The nuclear button has been activated! GW2 hasn’t yet finished, however we have decided to wildcard ahead of GW3. Predicted price rises and falls for players in our squad was the main reason for our GW3 wildcard. Before going into our transfers and thoughts, we’d like to mention that this was not a snap decision, and instead a long term...



Potential GW3 Early Transfers

GW2 is currently in full swing and by 12:30pm, the Aguero dilemma will be made clear. As it stands our squad is currently on 11 points from 3 players, with Richarlison continuing his fine start to the season with another goal. However, with plenty of the game week still to play, we are currently considering GW3 early transfers for the...



Fantasy Football – Final Gameweek 2 Team

Gameweek 2 has come round the corner and it’s time for us to pick our squad for the week. In case you missed it, here’s a recap on our GW1 performance. So after a great GW1, we have found ourselves in an unusual position of being content with the squad that we have. We know that lightning never strikes twice,...


De Bruyne fixture

FPL alternatives for Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne has reportedly suffered a serious knee injury, with reports suggesting he could be out for a minimum of 2 months. In this article, we are going to look at the FPL alternatives for De Bruyne and reflect on their current start to the season. Looking at the potential fixtures De Bruyne could miss, Man City couldn’t of...


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Fantasy Football – Gameweek 2 Squad Preview

In this article we are reflecting on our game week 1 performance, and look ahead to the game week 2 preview of the squad. Gameweek 1 Review Gameweek 1 points: 91 Overall points: 91 Overall Gameweek rank: 61,388 A brilliant start to the fantasy season with a total of 91 points. The 12 points of Wan-Bissaka on the bench is...