Mental health within FPL

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Chapter 7 – Mental health

We have been an active member of the FPL Community on both Twitter and Instagram for just under a year now. The value of creating and interacting with a community is the sense of belonging and shared interests you have with somewhat strangers online. For many people, they play FPL with their friends or work colleagues for fun and to earn bragging rights. Others play the game to try and be the best in their friendship group, mini league or on the planet.

Being our first season balancing both the playing of FPL and the distribution of content, we have seen first-hand how the stress of the game can affect individuals. We have witnessed people suffer at the hands of FPL, much more common than what we had imagined.

An FPL season can be a long and gruelling period of time spent caught up in your own mind, analysing to find the perfect formula. We have been in these very shoes, spending countless late nights stressing over which player to transfer or captain to choose. And while to some this might seem like an overreaction – and we would have been in the same boat only a few years back – it is what many people have experienced from the game.

We wanted to take this opportunity of creating this content, to talk directly to those that might suffer from playing FPL. Playing FPL should be about having some fun on a Friday night before the football-filled weekend, enjoying the game for what it is. There are plenty of people that take FPL more serious than others, and don’t suffer from any kind of sideeffect from the game.

But for those that can relate to these things, we want you to know you are not alone. It’s easy for us to say “it’s just a game”, but we’ve been told that in the past and know it isn’t the answer.

Instead, we think the answer is to be open to those that can relate and understand the situation that the game has created. Therefore, we have launched an FPL mental health chat, where those that are suffering can come together to help one another. It’s crazy how a game played with millions, can make you feel so isolated.

So if you are someone who might benefit from this, or know someone who might, head over to this new chat and become part of the community. Equally, you can DM us at any point throughout the season, our inbox is always open to people. Please don’t suffer this season alone, we want to create a community that can both play FPL competitively and enjoy it.

How to join

To access our ‘FPL Time Out’ chat, email from your usual email address to, with the subject line ‘FPL Time Out’ and provide your name.

Our slack channel requires an email address to add individuals, so we will use your provided information to add you accordingly. Again, please take this opportunity if this relates to you to join and talk about all things outside of FPL.