GW8 Q&A – Must-own players outside of ‘top 6’

Welcome to the first article in our new Q&A series, where we answer the most popular questions that you ask us.

Which Wolves defender should I own?

Wolves have proved to be the surprise package this season and have started in impressive fashion, currently sitting 9th in the table. From an FPL perspective, the major source of points has come from the Wolves defenders and goalkeeper. As a team, they have one of the best defensive records in the league. Some notable statistics are:

  • Joint 2nd best clean sheets (3)
  • 4th least goals conceded (6)
  • 3rd least saves made (13)

It is clear that the Wolves defence is a well drilled unit and justified the current ownership of their FPL assets.

Doherty (£4.6m) leads the points scoring for defenders with 34, closely followed by Boly (£4.6m) and Jonny (£4.4m) who both have 33 points. All three of these defenders have played every game of the season in Wolves’ regular 3-4-3 formation. Doherty and Jonny have especially benefitted from the formation being the teams wing backs, being encouraged to support the attack. To compare the two wing backs, here’s a look at their 2018/19 stats so far:

 Jonny Doherty
Key Passes810

As it can be seen, although Jonny has scored 1 goal, Doherty has produced the best underlying stats. This has been reflected in his price rise and points scored. Although his price is £0.2m more, we think that Doherty would be the best choice out of the two options, however if budget isn’t there, Jonny is still a suitable alternative.

Its worth noting the future fixtures for Wolves and the potential points the defence could score. Over the next 5 game weeks they play 3 away matches including a trip to the Emirates, along with a tough home match against Spurs in November. While Wolves play two of the ‘top 6’ in the next 5 game weeks, we think the underlying stats of Wolves as a team are good enough to continue keeping clean sheets during this period.

What players are becoming a ‘must-own’ outside of the ‘top 6’ teams?

It’s worth mentioning for this question that no FPL player is a ‘must own’ (excluding 17/18 Salah), and these mentioned are a selection of players that you should simply consider. There are plenty of players that have started the season well, so we will answer this question with one player in each position, with a consideration of their recent form and future fixtures.

Like most FPL seasons, the usual suspects such as Aguero, Hazard and Alonso are leading the way for the point standings. However, there are a number of regular FPL players along with break through players that have enjoyed a great start to the season.

Spoken about in the first question, the Wolves defence has proven to be the real deal so far this year. Their summer recruitment featured Portuguese international Patricio (£4.5m), which has proven to be a shrewd signing. He has kept 3 clean sheets and has made some impressive saves throughout this campaign, notably against Man City’s Raheem Sterling. We have mentioned the fixtures that are upcoming for the Wolves stopper, and think that he is one of the best budget goalkeepers on offer. He is also owned by only 7.7% of managers, so will still prove to be a slight differential for FPL managers.

FPL defenders have been the value picks of the season, no more so than full backs including Mendy, Alonso and Robertson. 8 out of the top 10 points scorers are full backs, but our ‘must-own’ pick is one of those that has bucked the trend.

Harry Maguire (£5.5m) has made an impressive start to the season, keeping 2 clean sheets, scoring 2 goals and assisting 1. His goal threat has always been an attractive feature and it seems owners of Maguire are reaping the rewards this season. Maguire is certainly a player to consider having in your teams, with Leicester’s fixtures continuing to be favourable with the next 4 home games being Everton, West Ham, Burnley and Watford.

Our midfield pick is another Leicester player and a recent England call-up, James Maddison. Maddison (£6.9m) has had a break-out debut season, scoring 3 goals and assisting 2. His underlying stats are also impressive, registering over 2 shots and key passes per 90. From midfield he is contributing significantly to Leicester’s attacks, and with the fixtures mentioned coming up, he could be a long term hold for some FPL managers.

Our final ‘must-own’ pick would be Marko Arnautovic, currently owned by 16% of FPL managers. Arnautovic (£7.0m) and West Ham have faced a tough start to the season, playing 4 of the ‘top 6’ in their opening 7 matches. In this run however, he has been able to score 4 goals and assist 1 proving that the Austrian is becoming a fixture-proof asset. At £7.0m, he is also a brilliant budget striker option, especially for those who own Zaha (£7.0m) who will be facing a tough run of fixtures after GW9.

West Ham’s fixtures include nice home matches against Burnley, Cardiff and Palace up until Christmas and could even make him a possible captain option for the future.


Thank you for the questions, due to the Friday deadline we have been unable to cover all of the questions unfortunately. The next Q&A will return during the international break so be sure to ask us any questions that you would like us to answer.

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