GW31 FPL Thoughts

With all the discussion about the best strategy and players to own, I thought I would update everyone with my plans for my team. Hopefully those that are in a similar situation can relate and take some tips from this.

Current FPL Team

My current situation is I used triple captain in the double GW25 on Sterling, which turned out to be a pretty successful move with his low ownership helping the rank. So I am left with the remaining chips intact and a plan that hopefully will reap some rewards.

Here’s how the squad looks:

GW27 Team

I have £0.8m in the bank, and 2 free transfers at my disposal. The original plan was to finally shift out the Everton duo and be gone forever. However, after the Chelsea/United cup result, Everton now have a valuable fixture in the challenging GW31. While their own form and fixture isn’t ideal, it is good enough for me to probably hold one of the two players.

Of the players in my current squad, the ones i believe i might sell before GW31 are Doherty, Aubameyang, Rashford, Digne, Richarlison.

My current GW27 thought is a straight shoot-out between whether I want to own Pereira/Chilwell, or Maddison/Anderson. I always prefer the gamble with attacking players so I am swaying towards the sale of Richarlison right now.

Chip Strategy

My chip strategy has chopped and changed, but I believe that I am now finalised on this plan:

  • Free transfers in preparation for GW31
  • Free hit GW32
  • Wildcard GW34
  • Bench boost GW35

Without any transfers, I have 5 players featuring in GW31, and with free transfers available I could field a maximum of 11 without taking a hit. The thought of free hitting in this gameweek has been appealing, especially with the Chelsea game now going ahead.

However, the value in some of the players and teams doesn’t scream FPL potential to me in comparison to the double GW32. Teams like Chelsea and Everton are producing consistently below-par performances that don’t warrant the use or confidence of a free hit chip.

I believe that managers can create a suitable GW31 team that can also ride out the blank GW33 fixtures. In turn, you can capitalise on the GW32 fixtures and then wildcard in GW34 with the opportunity to bring in in form players that double in GW35.

I highlighted recently a group of players/teams that should be a target for those managers planning on free hitting in GW32.

Important Thoughts

What I haven’t mentioned is the aftermath of building this team. Many people have been discussing about the quality of player that you will own, and whether they are worth selling your valuable players for. I think that it is all dependent on the individual squad, and you should consider a few things in the run up to GW31.

The value that you have tied up in a player is an important factor, especially if you plan on bringing them back in your wildcard squad. For some managers, the sale of Rashford may be appealing with the upcoming blanks in GW31 and 33 for United, however some managers could have +£0.5m invested. Long term planning is important and not pricing your team out of players will be a big factor in the last few gameweeks for those wildcarding.

Not getting carried away with the blank gameweeks is another aspect that you need to remember. Although fielding a starting 11 is the ideal situation, sometimes holding onto those prized players is a better move. For example, Sterling has been one of my best FPL players recently, however he faces a mix of fixtures including a probably blank in GW33.

Man City fixtures

Selling Sterling prior to GW31 would be a backwards move, and although his fixture is a blank in GW31, his GW32 fixture is brilliant. Again, the value tied up in players is where it can be a deciding factor. For example, I have no value in Sterling, therefore if that doesn’t change leading up to this fixture, I can afford to sell Sterling in GW31 to fund someone like Hazard. I would then not lose value, and have the opportunity to go back into Sterling if i choose to get him my free hit team. The challenge is when the team reverts I wouldn’t own, and that’s where the decisions need to be made by managers.

I will be writing and discussing on Twitter plenty of further thoughts on some strategies and notable topics. This is just a reminder of the upcoming fixtures and my initial feelings towards the business-end of the season. If you are still owning players that blank this weekend and looking for replacements, then you need to check out our latest article.



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