GW23 FPL Q&A – Who is the best Harry Kane replacement?

In this weeks FPL Guest Q&A article, we are joined by regular FPL account LetsTalkSoccer who are sharing their thoughts on the most popular questions ahead of GW23. This week we will be discussing the best Kane replacements, Richarlison value, Man United defence and thoughts on Arnautovic.

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“After his injury, who is the best Kane replacement”


Lots of options as far as Kane goes. Here they are:

1) Keep Kane: If you’re a big Kane fan and see that his injury is short/shorter term, you might want to keep him on your team and just bench him until he’s fit. This works especially well if you have two other viable forwards in your squad and are able to change formation so that you’re playing a 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 5-3-2 (or even 4-5-1/5-4-1).

2) Go like for like by replacing Kane with another premium forward. Auba and Aguero are the main options here. Auba’s fixtures are a bit mixed until Week 26, where they look very good until Week 29. For Kun, he’s got two favorable fixtures in the next two weeks, then gets ugly for two weeks and then returns to appealing for Weeks 27 through 30.

Some concern for both players as recent form has dropped for Auba and Aguero didn’t start against Wolves. Jesus started in his place, which could be due to Sergio’s fitness or maybe it’s something more. A lot of managers will feel compelled to go this route just because it’s human nature to want to replace premium with premium. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right choice.

3) The final main option is to replace Kane with a less expensive striker. This either opens up additional money to upgrade other parts of the team or you can hold onto those savings to get HK back into your squad when he’s ready to return.

Cheaper players range from Firmino and Vardy to Jimenez, Mitro and Arnie. Personally, I think Rashford is an ideal option here. Very affordable, favorable fixtures in the next 6 of 7 weeks, and playing for a surging Man U team that’s full of confidence. This option, with Rashford as the replacement choice, feels like the most advisable one to us.


Kane had quite the eventful game against Man United, taking 7 shots and 3 key passes but still blanking after the heroics of De Gea. To compound the blank, the injury in the dying minutes has sent all owners into dismay and considering the best alternatives if it proves to be a serious one.

I personally think that there are 3 options available to managers that can match the value of Kane. Owning Kane brings owners guaranteed gametime, ‘top 6’ team and proven track record/form.

The first option for consideration is Aguero, who has recently returned from injury himself. Aguero still leads the way for shots/90 and points per match for strikers, playing in a title chasing team under Pep. The major worry with owning the Argentine is the gametime risk that is associated, with Jesus waiting in the wings. It is clear that Aguero is the number 1 choice, but it’s also clear that he can be rotated by Pep.

Aubameyang has got a tough GW23 fixture, however the long term fixtures are in his favour. He is the leading striker points scorer and with a price drop last night, he will also free up funds to strengthen the squad further. The worry over Aubameyang is the quality of Arsenal right now, after an underwhelming performance against West Ham last weekend.

Rashford would be my first pick as replacement for Kane if I didn’t own any United players. He has cemented the position ahead of Lukaku, scoring 4 and assisting 2 in his last 5 matches. United fixtures are also great both short term and long, facing 3 bottom half sides in their next 4 games. Also, for those who do not own Salah the transfer to Rashford should provide the necessary funds to get the Liverpool man in. With their upcoming fixtures, it looks a great entry point to get Salah in.

“What to do with Richarlison – are there better FPL options?”


Ugh! Richarlison has been killing us. Each week we’ve found ourselves saying “we’ll give him one more week.” Have a feeling we’re not the only managers saying that! He’s played close to 90 minutes in the last three games, and has produced no returns. The only reason we’re hanging on is that Everton have promising matchups for the next four matchweeks. Part of the reason for us not dropping him is due to that, and the other part is that there aren’t many tempting alternatives at that price point.

Fraser and Pereyra have some ugly fixtures coming up soon. Felipe Anderson hasn’t impressed recently. Bernardo Silva is probably the most tempting option to us. He’s playing well and is part of a very strong Man City attack. And, City’s next two fixtures have FDRs of 2. So long as Pep continues to start him, Bilva gets our vote. Important to point out too that Martial is worth a look for many of the same reasons.

All that said, if you’ve already invested in Richarlison, it’s probably worth holding onto him because of the upcoming games. If he finds his form, he could bag some returns. If you don’t already own him, we don’t advise buying him, but for those that do own, staying the course might pay off.


Richarlison has been a frustrating FPL player over recent weeks, having blanked the last 3 league matches against favourable opposition. At £6.9m, the question is whether there are any better midfielders better value at this price.

At £6.1m, Fraser is the leading points scorer below £7.0m, followed by Pereyra (100) and third Richarlison (99). When a player ‘dips’ in form, it’s always worth noting their stats over this period to see if there is hope for the player. Over these 3 matches, Richarlison has taken 11 shots with an average xG of 0.4.

Everton still have some decent upcoming fixtures:

Everton Fixtures

I personally think that there are very few options that will be an upgrade from Richarlison, unless managers have the money in the bank to get a City/Liverpool asset. It’s tough owning a player going through a blank spell, but I don’t think the stats are alarming enough to jump ship just yet.

“Is there value in the Manchester United defence?”

In a word…probably. We’d want to see one more game to see if it still passes the eye test. De Gea’s other-worldly play was the main reason for Man U clean sheet against Spurs. Let’s see if the United defense can replicate that CS if/when Dave comes back down to Earth!


Man United kept only their 4th clean sheet this season, mainly thanks to David De Gea’s amazing individual performance. It was however a back-to-back clean sheet for United, and now poses the question of whether their defence offers any value.

The big appeal for the United defenders is their current price tag compared to other ‘top 6’ sides. The back line against Spurs was Young (£5.7m), Lindelof (£4.8m), Jones (£5.1m) and Shaw (£5.0m). It’s hard to ignore the budget prices, but having only keeping 4 clean sheets suggests there is a reason for these prices.

Spurs had a 1.8 xG against Man United, suggesting they got lucky to keep a clean sheet. But United have some great long term fixtures coming up:

Man United Fixtures

I personally think that United shouldn’t be a major priority for managers, with Liverpool essential, but if I had to pick then Shaw would be my favourite.

Here is a thread of my thoughts on him:

“Best Arnautovic replacements?”


Because of fixtures, Jimenez is a good option. He was pulled off at halftime of the Man City game, so he’ll be well rested for Week 23. King or Wilson might be ok for Week 23 only because the schedule gets much less appealing for the Cherries after that. Mitrovic doesn’t factor in for Week 23 as an out-of-form Fulham face an angry Spurs team that will want to rebound quickly from its loss to Man U.

If Ings is fit, he could be a real option. Very cheap and has great matchups in five of the next six weeks. And, as mentioned in a previous response above, Rashford is the best option. A little pricier than Arnie, but worth the stretch if you can make it happen.


The Arnautovic situation is a shame for the Premier League in general, possibly losing a great player. For FPL, it’s definitely caused a headache for owners, as it is clear he wants to leave but the club reluctant to sell.

Personally, I think it’s worth holding on selling in right now until the situation becomes clearer. West Ham face Bournemouth away this weekend, who have conceded 17 goals in 11 home matches.

However, if it proves that last weekend was his last match, I think the best move is to get additional funds and move to Rashford if you don’t own already. He is the best option in the price category and as mentioned, United have great long term fixtures.

For those that don’t have the luxury of additional funds, I think the best straight swap option is Jimenez. Wolves have some brilliant long term fixtures, and having already scored 6 and assisted 6 goals he has proved he can get attacking returns.



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