GW11 FPL Q&A – Should you sell Lacazette?

In this weeks Q&A article, we are joined by Let’s Talk Soccer and FPLHeskibo, to share their thoughts on the questions asked by you.

1) Best budget forward for the next few gameweeks? £6.0m or less.


Cheaper forwards have proved to be great FPL value this season, with players like Wilson, Murray and Mitrovic providing regular returns. However, below £6.0m the options become naturally less attractive, and the choice is limited.

There has been plenty of talk about Isaac Success (£4.5m) and whether to bring him into your squad. We’ve chatted about him in our latest FPL budget options article. Although he scored last weekend, we wouldn’t recommend bringing him in unless his cheap price tag helps strengthen other positions in the squad. He will have future rotation risk with Deeney/Gray and Watford face some tough fixtures in the next month.

Iheanacho, Jimenez and Vokes are all options, but each bring rotation risk too. If we had to pick, we would go for Danny Ings (£5.6m). He is still producing some decent stats and although Southampton are poor, his price tag and minutes seem decent value.

FPL Heskibo:

It’s slim pickings in this price range. Iheanacho (£5.9m) Ings (£5.6m) & Jimenez (£5.7m) are all options, but none of them have set the world on fire. Vokes looks to have nailed a place in the Burnley line up and could offer a bit of value at £5.3m, but I think if I had to fish in this pond I would drop all the way down to Success at £4.5m and free up some funds for elsewhere.


Iheanacho (£5.9) could be an interesting third striker. A little off the beaten path with under 2% ownership. If he plays consistently high minutes, that is. He looked very dangerous – heavy on the attack and determined to take shots – against West Ham. He was even maybe a bit too selfish, which is what you want in an attacker, but as an FPL manager, you’ll gladly take assists too if the goals aren’t happening.

He faces Cardiff (A), Burnley (H) and Brighton (A) ahead. Plus, weeks 14 and 15 are FDRs of 3 and 2, respectively. Right now, he’s averaging right around 70 minutes in his last 5 games. It would be nice if he was closer to 80. But with the upcoming fixtures, 70 minutes could be enough to provide generous returns, especially at his price point. In those same 5 matches, he has 1 goal and 2 assists, averaging 4.6 points per game.

Statistics aside, he’ll be part of a VERY focused, VERY determined, VERY unified Leicester City side. They have rallied around their fallen owner, and will go out to honor his life and his impact on the club with a decisive victory.  The Foxes will bring a fight to Cardiff. To Iheanacho and his teammates, this will be worth much more than just 3 points. If you’re OK with him possibly coming off the bench or playing limited minutes, I think he could be worth the risk over the next several weeks.

2) Is Lacazette still a good FPL option?


Lacazette has been brilliant this season, scoring 4 and assisting 4 goals. Although Arsenal face some tricky upcoming fixtures, we wouldn’t rush to sell the Frenchman.

He is still producing some great stats, and seems to be the main man in the Arsenal frontline. Plenty of worries in the community about Aubameyang pushing for a start, but we would wait to see what formation Emery goes for and if it negatively affects Lacazette before jumping the ship.

And at his price, we ask who would be the alternative to bring in? Unless you have money in the bank to upgrade to a Aguero or Kane, it seems the options are limited.

FPL Heskibo:

I think so. For all their defensive frailties, Arsenal look great going forward and Lacazette is the spearhead of that. He is one of the top four scoring forwards in the game despite being benched for the first few weeks, and with so few good premium forward options at the moment, Laca offers great value despite his tough fixtures ahead. I have no plans to sell him.


I think if you already own him and have other areas of your team that could use attention, focus on those areas. If the rest of your team is all set, and you have a FT burning a hole in your pocket (or maybe that you’ll lose a FT if you don’t use it this weekend), then there are other options out there – with similar price points – that have more favorable fixtures ahead of them.

Vardy (£9.0m) is the first one that comes to mind. For even less money, Arnautovic (£7.0m) and Murray (£6.5m) are increasingly popular choices. If either of these two are brought in to replace Laca, you can invest the additional money in enhancing other areas of your squad.

3) Bournemouth players still attractive?


Bournemouth have been the surprise package this season, producing some brilliant results. Wilson (£6.6m) is the joint leading FPL striker on 63 points, and has already scored 5 goals and assisted 4. Similarly, Fraser (£6.1m) has been brilliant scoring 3 goals and 5 assists, providing great value at his price.

The questions are now about whether Bournemouth and the FPL players can continue their rich form ahead of a tough fixture list. Facing Man Utd, Arsenal and Man City in 3 of their 4 next games is a daunting task, one that you’d expect less FPL returns.

However, United and Arsneal are poor defensively and you’d expect Bournemouth to create chances in both of them matches. We have to agree with FPL Heskibo and LetsTalkSoccer, if you don’t own, don’t buy. But holding the attacking assets might bring more value than at first thought.

FPL Heskibo:

My biggest regret of the season is underestimating Bournemouth. For 10 weeks I have been convincing myself that their form won’t last, and for 10 weeks Wilson and Fraser have been punishing me. Their fixtures do turn, but they aren’t quite as bad as they first appear.

The next three are United (H), Newcastle (A) and Arsenal (H) and I could see the Cherries getting a couple of goals in each of those games. If I had any Bournemouth assets I would hold them for now, but I have probably missed the moment to bring them in. Don’t sell, don’t buy.


If you currently own them (primarily Fraser, Wilson, King), then there’s no urgent need to replace them. Fraser (2 assists, clean sheet) and Wilson (2 goals) had a good game week 10. Just keep an eye on King’s ankle injury. See what Howe says in his presser later this week.

Bournemouth have a mixed bag of fixtures over the next several weeks, and that’s a bit troubling. But even this weekend against Man U, the Red Devils haven’t had the stalwart defense they did this time last season. Bournemouth are capable of scoring goals. Fraser, Wilson or King could have returns at home. Then, they’re away to Newcastle. After that, prior to GW 13 is where I’d plan to transfer them out. 3 of the next 4 fixtures are difficult.

Now, if you don’t own any of these guys, I’m not suggesting you go out and get them. But if you currently own one or more, and your team could use attention elsewhere, focus there instead.



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