GW10 FPL Final Squad

We have finalised our GW10 FPL squad and are locked in for the weekend.

No game week 10 preview blog but here is a reminder of the squad and its performance from GW9.

GW9 Points

47 Points

49,016 Overall Rank

A pleasing 10,000 green arrow for the week, however a few disappointing performances by the Chelsea boys and Zaha.

Game week 10 Transfers

Ahead of GW10, we have got £0.2m in the bank and 1 free transfer.

Hazard’s injury news has caused some problems for owners, but he won’t be leaving our squad as it sounds like only a short time out, if any.

Monreal seems to also be struggling with an injury and the time out hasn’t been confirmed. The Arsenal man has been on our watchlist to get out of the squad, as although he is an attacking threat, the teams defence still looks shaky.

Zaha was the other man that we have been targeting for a while to leave the squad. He has been poor in recent weeks along with Crystal Palace and now face a very tough month of fixtures.

The plan for the past few weeks has been to transfer out Zaha this game week and bring in Arnautovic ahead of West Ham’s great long term fixtures.

His injury of late however has cast doubts on this transfer, with Arnautovic admitting he is playing through a slight knee injury.

We have decided to take the risk on this possible injury and transfer in him for Zaha. At £7.0m, thankfully we have the money in the bank to make the swap. The plan is to hold Arnautovic for the foreseeable future due to his fixtures, and with the injury to Yarmolenko it should see little rotation risk for him.

Captaincy Pick

Our captain pick for this game week has been made easier due to the doubts over Hazard. Chelsea’s game against Burnely this weekend seems a nice fixture for him, but we don’t think it is worth the chance of him not playing or being benched.

The other obvious choice is Mo Salah, who rewarded us for holding with a goal in GW9. He also scored two in the midweek Champions league match, and with Milner’s potential injury it seems Salah could be on penalty duty.

A home fixture against Cardiff is too good of a fixture to ignore, and with Salah looking to find some form, we are going for the Egyptian.

Final Game week 10 Squad

So here is the team ahead of GW10:

GW10 Squad

Hoping for another green arrow this game week, the Spurs/City match will decide a lot of managers weeks with Aguero being highly owned!


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