Gameweek 8 Squad Preview

In this article we are reflecting on our game week 7 performance, and look ahead to the FPL gameweek 8 preview of the squad.

Gameweek 7 Review

Gameweek 7 points: 59

Overall points: 476

Overall rank: 24,428

Gameweek 7 Squad Points

So a small red arrow for GW7 but overall a pretty standard week with few complaints. The one transfer that we made was Mendy to Doherty and that proved to be a great decision with Doherty claiming 12 points.

Ederson returned a clean sheet for the 3rd game in a row while Monreal’s clean sheet was a welcome bonus to the team after Arsenal’s recent defensive woes. We took a risk playing both Alonso and Robertson, with the hope that they would return some attacking points. Unfortunately that didn’t pay off but was a justified decision in our eyes.

The glaring failure was evidently our midfield, especially Richarlison and Salah. We held Richarlison throughout his ban, and for Everton to win 3-0 and not have an attacking input was a shame! Nothing to worry about however, he will be in our team for the foreseeable future. Like many FPL managers, Fraser’s last minute yellow card was a nightmare after he was in the BPTs costing the team a few needed points.

We have been ‘team Salah’ the whole of this season, but it wasn’t a surprise when he didn’t return any points against Chelsea. We will be writing an article later this week about Salah, but our general view is that we still don’t want to sell the Egyptian. He’s still a goal threat and playing in a title competing side, and his underlying stats are still fantastic.

Aguero managed 60 minutes but was able to return a goal for the squad to continue our captain picks returning every game week. Maddison performed better than we expected against Newcastle as we felt he may of struggled against their defence. His 6 points is a shame to be on the bench but we felt our decision making was justified.

Gameweek 8 Preview and Transfers

We currently have 2 free transfers and £1.8m in the bank from the Mendy transfer.

There are a couple of players on the transfer out list for our squad, one of those being Zaha. Zaha has been in decent form throughout the season, however the fixtures turn for Palace after GW9 so we have targeted that date for a replacement.

The stand out choice is Arnautovic, who is valued at £7.0m along with Zaha. The only question is whether to bring him in before GW9, with him having Brighton away and Spurs at home in his next 2 matches. One to think about, however he has proved he can score against any team and we would be shocked if his price doesn’t rise before GW9.

Ramsey is another player we are questioning whether to keep in the team for GW8. Ramsey has been in the headlines recently for the contract issues and was brought off after 62 minutes last weekend. The alternative Arsenal player that is on our radar is Ozil, however there isn’t enough confidence there yet to put him into the squad.

Aguero has been making the headlines recently, with many FPL managers selling him to fund the Harry Kane transfer. We still need to ponder over this possible option, but in the meantime we have written an extensive article analysing the Aguero/Kane dilemma, check it out here.

Plenty to think about with the team and certainly no clear plan yet which transfers we want to make for the squad. We will update the situation later in the week with our final thoughts and decisions.

Here is the lineup with no transfers:

GW8 Early Squad

Decisions to make in regards to who sits on the bench, but seems the main dilemma is between Wan-Bissaka, Ramsey or Fraser.

For captaincy, we don’t have any real stand out candidates for the first time this season. The Salah of last season playing at home would be a nailed-on captain, however his form this season has cast some doubt.

It doesn’t appear that he is at his clinical best, and chances that would of been scored last season aren’t coming off so far. But to own a £13.0m player, he has to be a captain option every week, otherwise what’s the point in owning him?

So for now Salah will have the armband and we will pray that he finds his form from last season.


Thanks for the support, and be sure to check out our latest article on Aguero and Kane.



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