Gameweek 24 FPL Final Team

Finally, after the events of both the Carabao and FA cup, FPL has returned! And what better way than to be thrusted into a barrel of information regarding blank and double gameweek on the horizon.

For those that have been living under a rock, here’s a quick round up:

DGW25 Thoughts

GW25 has now become a double gameweek for both Man City and Everton after their original GW27 fixture had been rearranged due to cup commitments.

Man City now face Arsenal (H) and Everton (A) in GW25 while Everton face Wolves (H) and Man City (A).

This will now mean that both Man City and Everton will not have a fixture during GW27, therefore managers need to plan how to negotiate these games.

As mentioned in my previous GW24 preview article, I have £5.5m in the bank and 1 free transfer available to the team.

With the double gameweek confirmed, the natural reaction is to jump to the two teams that feature. However, for my team I currently own 2 players from each team:

Digne and Richarlison from Everton

Ederson and Sterling from Man City

There has been plenty of discussion on Twitter about how many player’s managers should have in their squads and which ones to own. I personally think that the real question should be what you plan on doing with the players after the double game week.

The FPL community know fully well that the best exit point for Everton players is after GW26, when the games become tricky for the Toffees. This includes the blank gameweek 27, which City also have to deal with.

I think that owning at least 2 City players is essential for the upcoming double gameweek. If I had to choose, my picks would be Sane and Sterling, with the knowledge that either could be rested. With the Pep roulette, it makes every attacking option a potential problem, especially picking either Jesus or Aguero. But what FPL managers need to remember is the GW27 blank, and need a plan to ensure their bench doesn’t overflow with Everton and City assets.

I personally think that once the DGW25 has finished, Everton players are the best options to be sold so that managers can at least bench their 3 City players if they choose to hold.

For those that have further questions regarding their teams and the double/blank gameweek, head over to my Twitter account and let me know.

GW24 Transfers

With the finalised double gameweek, it has made planning for transfers a lot harder than planned. As mentioned in my preview article, the two options that I originally had was to either roll the transfer or try and get Aubameyang into the team for the favourable game against Cardiff.

The problem with trying to own Aubameyang is that it would require a 4 point hit for the team. Kamara would be the natural player to leave the team but additional funds would have to be found elsewhere. The midfield players that could fund the transfer are Salah, Pogba, Sterling and Richarlison.

Salah and Pogba are long term holds for the team while it would be a step backwards to sell a City or Everton player with the upcoming double gameweek. In the defence, again the options are not really available to fund the move. I’d rather not move away from a double Liverpool defence while players such as AWB and Doherty have good fixtures coming up. Digne holds the same principle as Sterling and Richarlison.

I really feel that Aubameyang could be a very important player over the coming month, with his great GW24 fixture and also brilliant GW27 fixture while others blank.

With the news of TAA being out again for GW24, I have decided to use him as the funds to get Aubameyang into the team.

Bednarek has been in conversation over recent weeks, and his great short term fixtures and price (£3.9m) make him a decent option. The transfer of him will leave the exact amount required to go Kamara to Aubameyang.

So to confirm, the transfers are:

TAA to Bednarek

Kamara to Aubameyang 

(-4 point hit)

Really didn’t want to take a point hit this week, but I feel that it could be repaid if Aubameyang hauls against Cardiff – eggs firmly in one basket tonight.

Captaincy Choice

There are plenty of options this week for captaincy, with Aubameyang a strong favourite with his home fixture. I fully expect Salah to be the most captained this gameweek, as Liverpool face Leicester at Anfield. Leicester go into the game off the back of a 4-3 loss to Wolves, and you will expect Liverpool to have plenty of chances, especially Salah.

Salah has both the form and fixture to be a great captain choice for GW24, and you can’t forget the 50% ownership that could harm your rank if you choose against him. I’m not willing to take the risk against him and don’t see any need to, it looks a great opportunity for him to add to his league tally.

Aside from both Aubameyang and Salah, for those looking for a differential option you can’t look much further than Man United. At home to Burnley, I think both Pogba and Rashford are good captain choices for managers. I have highlighted Man United stats and especially Pogba over on my ‘top 5 picks’ article.

So here is the GW24 team:

GW24 Final team


Good luck to everyone and I hope you have a great gameweek! I will be posting content and hopefully a short podcast highlighting the important topics and answering the hottest answers before the double gameweek 25. Keep an eye out for it all.



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