FPL Gameweek 9 Squad Preview

In this article we are reflecting on our game week 8 performance, and preview the FPL gameweek 9 squad.

Gameweek 8 Review

Gameweek 8 points: 48

Overall points: 524

Overall rank: 59,995

GW8 Squad Review

A disaster of a gameweek to say the least which has seen our overall rank double.

Going into gameweek 8, we had 2 free transfers and £1.8m in the bank. The squad looked strong and therefore felt inclined to use a free transfer at the principle that we had 2. Ramsey was the transfer out as we felt his on-going contract rumours coupled with uncertainty on starting was enough of a reason to swap.

The strategy was to have a one week punt and have 2 free transfers to revert or manage other parts of the squad over the international break. Pogba was the player we brought in for his home match against Newcastle.

As many will know already, this didn’t prove to be a wise transfer as Pogba was yellow carded and although assisted, Ramsey bettered his contribution with a goal and assist from the bench.

In regards to the transfer we made, we think it is a perfect example of how in FPL sometimes you feel obliged to make a transfer when you have 2 available. Our decision in this instance seems rash and unthought, and a move that would never of been considered if we didn’t have 2 free transfers.

This is just a note to FPL managers that strategy – both short and long term – is essential to doing well and you shouldn’t let the ‘need’ to use transfers a reason to divert from your strategies.

For the remaining players in the squad, the defence performed well with an unexpected clean sheet for both Robertson and Ederson. The glaring error in the squad is the 15 points for Doherty sat in the 3rd substitutes position.

The reasoning behind Doherty was although we knew the impressive underlying stats of both the player and team, we couldn’t bring ourselves to bench Zaha, in turn supporting a Palace goal. A painful mistake that we are still banging our heads over, but we have to always look back at the reason for why we done it in the first place and learn from it.

Midfield and forwards were a disaster with the only player to return points was Richarlison who played in a forward role. It will be interesting to see if he continues to play in this forward position for the coming matches.

We dodged a bullet with not buying Kane after his blank, however Aguero could not capitalise on this and once again was substituted after 60 minutes.

Gameweek 9 Preview

The second international break of the season has arrived, and unlike the first one, we are thankful for the coming 2 weeks off. The squad isn’t in the best position compared to previous weeks and needs the two free transfers to make some necessary changes.

Hazard is becoming an essential FPL pick and the fact we hadn’t owned him previously is a reflection of our recent weeks performance. We have already transferred in Hazard to avoid the further price rise last night.

We do not recommend making transfers at the start of the international break, but we have taken the punt on him not getting injured. Our one week punt on Pogba is the man to make way for Hazard. There is too much going on at United right now to own an attacking player long term, with other teams performing better and more consistent.

The other player to make way is James Maddison, a reluctant transfer as he has been impressive but the funds were needed. In place of Maddison is Hojdberg as a budget option. Our other 4 midfielders play 90 minutes regularly so not worried about having to use him in the short term.

So our transfers have already been completed which is a strange feeling, but there are a few players that are on the watchlist. Zaha will be leaving the team soon, however we don’t think taking a hit is worth it when the alternative is Arnautovic. Arnautovic’s fixtures ease after GW9 so that will be the target to bringing him in then.

Aguero will be in the team for GW9 when City face Burnley at home, and being rested over the international break should see him start. However, his lack of minutes is a worry, in his last 4 league matches he has played 53, 60, 65 and 65 minutes. Aguero is an explosive player and an hour is plenty of time for him to score a brace or hat trick, but with other alternatives such as Lacazette and Kane playing 90 minutes it is worth studying further.

For captaincy options, if you own Aguero it will be hard to look past him. He has returned in every home game this year and a rest for 2 weeks will dispel any worries of fatigue for the Argentine.

A look at the squad for gameweek 9:

Gameweek 9 Squad Preview

Thanks again for the support, and hope you had a better week than us!

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