FPL Gameweek 30 Preview

Gameweek 29 proved to be a tougher week than many managers expected. The gameweek average was only 40 points, and many highly owned players failed to deliver any returns. In this article, I will be discussing my gameweek 29 performance and a preview ahead to GW30.

GW29 Review

A tough gameweek, with all 4 of my midfielders not producing an attacking return. However, a gameweek score of 49 points and a green arrow of 10,000 was a welcome surprise with all things considered. It has broken me back into the top 100k, with plans not to leave it again!

The transfer of Pereria in GW27 has so far proved to be a disaster, scoring only 2 points in 3 matches. However, Leicester do have great fixtures still to come, so panic isn’t setting in just yet for the defender. He does have a fixture in GW31, and with my chip strategy being to use free transfers to field a team that gameweek, he stays till then!

Similar to Pereira, Anderson continues to frustrate making it now 10 league games without a goal, and only 1 assist to show. I brought in Anderson for the great fixtures, and while he will most likely remain in the team, it shows the flaws in sometimes choosing fixtures over form. Definitely a lesson to learn there, something I hopefully won’t make the same mistake in.

Sterling was a disappointing captain, only returning 6 points against a leaky Cherries defence. Like many managers this week who suffered a captaincy fail, it shouldn’t be taken too harshly. Many highly owned players and captains all failed to return; Salah (3), Pogba (-1), Rashford (2). It proved to be just one of those weeks, and previewing GW30 it looks like managers could be spoilt for choice with the captaincy options.

GW30 Preview

So the current situation for the team is to use free transfers to build a team for GW31, free hit GW32 and wildcard GW34. I currently have 7 players who play in GW31, so the remaining two transfers will be dedicated to players who play in this week.

For GW30, I have 1 free transfer and £3.4m in the bank after the Rashford sale.

There are a handful of players that are on the chopping block ahead of GW31, they include: Doherty, Jimenez, AWB and Bednarek. The problem with planning for GW31, is that you want to not sell your premium assets just for this one single GW.

I currently plan on holding Sterling and Pogba through the blanks. They are essential players to own during the backend of the season, and the cost of rebuying after sale would really affect the team balance. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead and not get carried away by these blank game weeks. I will most likely only be fielding 10 players for GW31, which will require a -4 point hit to achieve this.

Of the players mentioned who I am considering selling, Wolves will be the hardest to part with. Wolves have been brilliant FPL assets, especially Jimenez who grabbed his 11th goal and 8th assist this season. However, the fixtures turn sour for Wolves:

Wolves fixtures

One of the two will definitely leave the team, with a number of replacements available for both positions.

In the defence, Chelsea, Liverpool and Bournemouth are all on the radar. I only own 2 Liverpool players, therefore Alexander-Arnold (£5.4m) would appear to be the best option to come into the team. While Liverpool don’t have a double GW, they do play in all the blanks and have the best defensive record. Buying TAA would give the team a double up in defence alongside Robertson. TAA has proved his attacking threat too, with a hat trick of assists in GW28 against Watford.

At Chelsea, Luiz is the player that would tempt me at £5.9m. Emerson (£5.4m) would be a great option, but his position is still not clear on whether him or Alonso is the number one at left back. While Luiz is more expensive than TAA, he does have a probably double gameweek 32 against Cardiff and Brighton. Being the first choice centre back, you’d expect him to feature in both matches, against the second and fifth lowest scorers.

At Bournemouth, their form has been awful of late and many managers have been waiting for GW30 to even consider them as options. For those that haven’t seen, their fixtures now turn to a great long term run of games, starting with Huddersfield away.

Of the defenders, there are two that spring to mind as options: Ake (£5.0m) and Clyne (£4.4m). Both seem to be starters in the team, with Ake offering an attacking threat having scored 3 goals already this season in the league. However, while the fixtures are great for Bournemouth, they are still the 3rd worst defence in the league and the attacking assets look where the FPL value lies.

In regards to the attacking spot, I have already covered Chelsea’s great upcoming fixtures with the transfer of Higuain last GW. I thought he looked sharp against Fulham and could of easily had a hat trick. While it was only Fulham, I believe that he could grab a few goals in the coming weeks.

If I were to sell Jimenez, then I believe the best options are either Vardy or one of the Bournemouth forwards. Leicester under new manager Rodgers, didn’t blow me away from a FPL perspective. However, interestingly it looks like he favours a 3-4-3 formation which always brings attacking potential to assets.

Vardy didn’t see much of the ball against a good Watford side, but still managed to score his second goal in as many matches. His gametime and position is essentially cemented, and with the upcoming fixtures you would expect plenty of goalscoring opportunities for him. Priced at £8.9m, I believe it is too expensive for his FPL potential but as a 4 GW punt it isn’t a problem.

As mentioned with Bournemouth, their attacking assets seem the best FPL value for managers. Wilson is currently the leading points scorer for attackers (114) closely followed by King (108). Wilson has missed the last 6 league matches due to injury, but Howe has confirmed that he might be returning for GW30.

In regards to Wilson, the possible transfer would be dependent on the injury news provided, as it could easily take a few gameweeks to get match fit. Therefore, it seems that Josh King would be the best and reliable option at Bournemouth. He has only scored 1 goal in the last 5 matches, although 3 of these were against ‘top 6’ teams. Priced at £6.4m, he is significantly cheaper than Vardy and would provide further funds to strengthen the squad in future weeks.

It seems like the decision for transfers will be decided later this week after more information is provided by the managers. Right now, the likely transfers look either a -4 points hit for Doherty and Jimenez to Vardy and TAA, or a single transfer of Jimenez to Vardy. Plenty of time to chop and change transfer plans, but that is just a few thoughts on the team.

Captaincy Thoughts

GW30 looks a great week for captaincy options, with many players in my team having favourable fixtures. These players include – Salah v Burnley (H), Sterling v Watford (H), Higuain v Wolves (H) and if I make the transfer, Vardy v Fulham (H).

Chelsea are the only team mentioned that have a midweek fixture, where they face Dynamo Kiev in the Europa League. Salah and Sterling are the stand out captaincy options for the team in my eyes. They will both have had a week to prepare for the match, with both teams playing at home in the hunt for the title. I expect both teams to win their games, so the question is to look at which could reap the most FPL value.

Burnley have conceded 27 goals in 15 away league matches, Watford conceding 22 in as many games. Watford however only recently played Liverpool, where they conceded 5 goals in a dominant performance by Liverpool. Man City are the highest scoring team at home (10 more than Liverpool) so it wouldn’t be too farfetched to see a similar scoreline. The big question in regards to Sterling is his gametime, with the infamous Pep roulette.

Sterling has only started 2 of the last 4 league matches, coming off the bench in the other two. Meanwhile, Salah has started his last 14 league matches, and as a captaincy pick would provide the gametime security that is essential.

Salah has come under the microscope in recent weeks, having blanked in his last 3 league games. It is clear that he isn’t firing on all cyclinders, only creating 7 shots and 1 key pass in the 3 games. However, if Liverpool want to win the league they need him scoring and I can’t see him blanking for much longer.

I currently will have the armband on Salah, with the hope he can find his form once again. I will no doubt question it throughout the week, and will confirm both team and captain later in the week.

GW30 Team

Here’s the team without any transfers:

GW30 FPL preview




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