FPL Gameweek 24 Squad Preview

Hope everyone had a great game week and a green arrow for your team. A mini break now until GW24 has provided some time to plan ahead of the potential fixture rearrangements for blank/double game weeks. Before I get into the article, check out the previous article highlighting the team selection and transfers resulting in a 8 point hit.

GW23 Review

So after 5 consecutive red arrows, the team has finally got a green arrow climbing 7,000 spots. Here are how recent weeks have gone for the team, always good to look back and reflect especially in small breaks like this:

GW rank overview

I still have a goal of breaking into the top 20k, and while its difficult with template players/teams, negotiating the blank/double game weeks will prove important.

The transfer in of Salah reaped instant rewards after captaining him on his 15 point haul. It seems essential to own him now so glad to have him in the team, and most probably the captain for the next 3 matches. The move was further justified after the blank by Hazard.

Rashford continued his great form and again provided positive points for the team. The Salah and Rashford transfers alone covered the 8 point hit on the team. As expected TAA didn’t play but with the break now, I fully expect him to be available now for the long run of great fixtures.

Although Sane has outscored Sterling over the last 3 games, he has still scored 27 points in 4 matches. Sane has been a great value pick but I am happy with Sterling and he also provides some funds to go into another premium midfielder if one becomes appealing.

The defence were the big disappointments, especially Digne with the own goal. However, Ederson saved the day with a back to back clean sheet, along with a late assist by Robertson to cancel out the three goals conceded.

GW24 Preview

After the Kane transfer, it has left the team with £5.5m in the bank and 1 free transfer. At this point in the season, I have identified the players that I am certain to keep – avoiding injuries – until wildcard or end of season. These players include TAA, Robertson, AWB, Salah, Pogba and Rashford.

As mentioned, for those that haven’t considered the upcoming blank and double game weeks, then it’s worth keeping an eye on the finalised dates and fixtures. Managers haven’t been provided enough information to make decisions, however it is expected that some details will be announced before the GW24 deadline.

I think it is an important week to hold on transfers until the last minute, and only make them if you can’t ride the price rise and fall of players. Last week was the perfect example of how managers can get burnt early when making transfers after the Kane and TAA injuries.

During this break, there are both Carabao and FA cup matches, with most teams playing in these fixtures. Holding on till after these matches could prove to be a wise move.

In regards to the team, I have highlighted Aubameyang as a potential transfer target. I like the thought of owning him, aside from the GW25 fixture (v Man City away) he has great fixtures and a brilliant fixture in the GW27 blank (v Southampton home). He has missed the most ‘big chances’, however watching him it is clear that he is a danger in almost every match.

Getting him into the team though is a tough ask without taking a points hit. Kamara is dead wood in the team, however the squad strength is good enough to keep as a third sub until I decide to wildcard. The only other option to sell is Jimenez, but with his upcoming fixtures, I can see him scoring some decent points over the next few weeks.

Aside from Aubameyang, the other option is to hold the transfer and give myself 2 free transfers for the potential double game week 25. Although I don’t like holding onto money – especially £5.5m – the money combined with two transfers would open plenty of opportunities for the team.

Plenty of potential moves with the team, and thankfully loads of time to assess the best option. Here is how the team will look for GW24 without any transfers:

GW24 Team


Salah will certainly be taking the captain armband with a favourable home fixture, especially after the 4 goals conceded by Leicester.

If you have any recommendations for the team, or have any questions of your own, let me know on my Twitter page.



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