FPL Gameweek 15 Squad Preview

Hope everyone had a good weekend and FPL wasn’t too hard on you!

Before we go into our GW15 review, take a look at our previous article discussing our plans and team for GW14.

GW14 Review

Total Points: 56

Overall Points: 881

Overall Rank: 28,892

Another red arrow for our squad, but again only a small drop by 1,000 so not worried about the game week.

Here is our GW14 points:

GW14 Points

Like many managers, we got burnt by Aguero as captain after his rest over the weekend, which now sounds like a minor injury. The return of Jesus certainly puts doubts over Aguero’s future game time, especially with the busy Christmas schedule in full flow.

Vice captain Hazard didn’t necessarily impress but returned an assist to contribute some attacking points to the team. The saving grace was that he performed the best of the attacking players therefore we maximised the potential points scored.

As hoped, the defence all returned points including a goal from Doherty – although the Wolves defence are still a worrying outfit. Wan-Bisakka returned a great clean sheet and after his exile to the 3rd bench position over the past month, he is a great option over the coming months at great value.

Outside of Aguero, the big disappointment was Mo Salah, who again is struggling to justify his £13.0m price tag. He wasn’t necessarily quiet – taking 1 shot and 4 key passes – but not the same impact that you hope from a midfielder of this value. Being brought off with 10 minutes to go is both a reflection of his performance, but also a sign that he will be fit for the Burnley match away midweek.

GW15 Transfer Thoughts

With the hectic fixture schedule, it is important to monitor the price movements of each player, especially when FPL deadlines are so short. After Sunday’s North London derby – where both Aubameyang and Kane scored – both prices were predicted to rise Sunday night.

With Aguero’s injury rumours and rotation risk we decided to move for either Aubameyang or Kane. Both players offer great potential but in the end we decided to move for Kane. We recently discussed the possible transfer of selling Aguero to own Kane and the benefits of doing so. Below we have attached a thread with our thoughts behind why we made this move, and may help your decision making too.

With only £0.5m in the bank prior to buying Kane, we had to choose between selling Hazard or Salah. Selling Hazard would result in us buying a midfielder valued below £11.0m which included players such as Sane, Eriksen, Mane and Ozil. Whereas, the sale of Salah would leave the required funds to swap to Sterling.

Selling Aguero left us with no City attacking players, therefore owning one of them was a priority. Sane or Sterling was the choice that we had, and we discussed both their values in our latest article. In the end, the prospect of owning Sterling was too good to refuse, so we chose to own Sterling.

Sterling looks to be the main man for Pep, even with the impressive performances of Mahrez. Owning any Man City midfielder is going to lead to rotation at some point, especially over a busy schedule like Christmas. The move for Sterling is a long term move – as long as he continues his form! Sane was tempting as it would of either left plenty in the bank to strengthen, or left us with Salah. But Sterling is too essential to not own, and his ownership is only rising.

The sale of Salah is the biggest risk we have taken this season, especially with Burnley this week. We fully expect him to score, or even a hatful, against a woeful Burnley defence. But as mentioned, the Sterling move is a long term plan and not worried about short term losses. Salah is also a massive investment, and its difficult to continue owning him when players – like Sterling – are returning more points at a cheaper price.

So here is how the team will line up for GW15:

GW15 Team

So Kane will take the captaincy this week, playing a manager-less Southampton. After the derby loss, we are expecting Spurs to have a point to prove and should be a great opportunity for Kane to continue his run of goals.

Hazard and Sterling are great options, including a differential punt on either Arnie or Richarlison. We wouldn’t advise the differential picks unless you are chasing mini-leagues and even in that case remember there is plenty of time left in the season!



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