FPL Gameweek 13 Squad Preview

Hope everyone had a good game week, a shame that the international break has arrived once again to interrupt the FPL flow.

Before we go into our GW12 performance, be sure to check out our previous article discussing our final team selection.

GW12 Review

Total Points: 63

Overall points: 778

Overall rank: 25,861

A solid week by all accounts, and an 8k green arrow to make that 4 green arrows in a row. Still not totally happy with the team but it’s very rare that a manager is!

Here is the GW12 team points:

Liverpool owners were the big winners this week as expected, with both Robertson and Salah returning the points for us.

Alonso was impressive against Everton returning 8 points for the team and unlucky not to get on the score sheet. He produced 3 shots and 1 key pass, and looked to get involved in the attacks as we have got so used to seeing.

Aguero continued to show why owners should stop doubting him, scoring his 8th league goal of the season. His stats were not too bad, taking 3 shots and 1 key pass during the match.

The big disappointments from the team were Hazard and Arnautovic. Looking at Hazard’s stats against Everton it seems that he was unlucky not to return some attacking points. He had 3 shots and 5 key passes proving to be a constant threat at the Everton defence.

Arnautovic on the other hand was poor, only having 1 shot and 2 key passes against a Huddersfield defence that isn’t exactly water tight. It will be worth re-watching the match to determine if it was a poor team or player display.

GW13 Preview

We are going into the international break with £0.2m ITB and 2 free transfers. The plan was always to have 2 transfers to provide some flexibility in the decisions we had over this period.

The team has become very template with a large number of the players becoming essential in our eyes or too good value to sell. These include Alonso, Robertson, Mendy, Hazard, Richarlison, Doherty, Arnautovic, Aguero. As you can see, a fair few are locked in their positions.

It was an interesting game for Salah and his owners, as this game had been highlighted as the big opportunity for points.

In regards to his stats, Salah registered 4 shots, 1 goal and no key passes. The match wasn’t as easy as many expected and personally felt that Salah’s contribution was slightly underwhelming. I was expecting big points from Salah considering he was playing against one of the worst defensive records in the league.

As an owner, we still don’t think he is justifying his price tag of £13m. Liverpool’s fixtures make it hard to sell him however, with games against poor defensive records, an opportunity to continue scoring.

Success seems a poor decision bringing into the team, but at £4.5m he provided a great opportunity to afford other players. And surprisingly, he has started and played the majority of his last 4 league matches. At his price, there isn’t any other options that shout value, so we are struggling to find an out strategy for him. His fixtures are tough too so can’t see him returning many points over the next month.

Fraser has been great value at £6.1m and at his price range hard to find a better FPL player. The worry for Bournemouth assets is the tough fixtures that they have coming up, including Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool over their next 4 games. They have proved that they can go toe to toe with the big teams so it would be wrong to rule out the potential for Fraser to return attacking points.

It seems like our team has come to a cross road, with any significant changes requiring the loss of a highly owned player. Plenty to think about and can’t believe we are saying this but the international break has come at a good time!

We will be posting a team article early next week with further thoughts and keep an eye out on Twitter for any team changes that we will update!

Just a reminder of the team without any changes:

Game week 13


With the current crop of players, it would be hard to look past Salah away at Watford, however if we were daring enough we can see some value in a differential Richarlison pick! Again plenty to think about.

We will be posting an article in the next few days discussing the best FPL players for the coming game weeks. In that article we will be highlighting the players that we want to target and how we plan on getting them into the squad. Stay tuned!



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