Fantasy Football – Final Gameweek 2 Team

Gameweek 2 has come round the corner and it’s time for us to pick our squad for the week. In case you missed it, here’s a recap on our GW1 performance.

So after a great GW1, we have found ourselves in an unusual position of being content with the squad that we have. We know that lightning never strikes twice, and the points total we had last week probably won’t be replicated, but we don’t think thats a reason to force a transfer.

Looking at the team for GW2:

Gameweek 2 final squad

After his incredible performance and 12 point haul last week, we have still decided to put Wan-Bissaka on the bench for gameweek 2. We think that Crystal Palace could possibly get something out of the match against Liverpool, however a clean sheet might be a stretch too far. We are praying that he doesn’t come back to haunt us for a second week running.

Another full back to punish us for leaving him on the bench was Benjamin Mendy, who out scored Wan-Bissaka with 15 points. We haven’t made the same mistake this week, and with city’s home match against Huddersfield, don’t be surprised if Mendy repeats his fine start to the season.

The remaining players in the team pick themselves, with our midfield scoring healthy returns in the opening fixture. Sanchez is one player that we will be keeping an eye on against Brighton, after his below par performance against Leicester. At £10.5m, his price tag is a big percent of the budget, and could be used elsewhere to strengthen the squad.

Captaincy choice

The biggest headache for the GW2 squad was deciding on which player to give the armband too. For us, there are 2 clear candidates: Mo Salah and Sergio Aguero.

Here’s our thoughts about each:

Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero is playing a poor Huddersfield team who shipped 3 goals against Chelsea, so this scoreline could be huge. Man City didn’t have to get out of third gear against Arsenal and yet were too good for them. Press conferences today told that Zanka, arguably Huddersfield’s best CB is injured and out of the match. Put all these factors together and it seems like a clear choice – Aguero is the man for the job.

However, one thing that can’t be forgotten is the Guardiola selection roulette. De Bruyne’s injury has made the midfield options slightly clearer, but we don’t see this impacting the headache of the striker position. Jesus has played limited minutes in both the Community Shield and opening fixture, so it would be no surprise to see him start over the Argentine. Couple that was the one-on-one miss from Aguero and it casts a worrying doubt over the head of Aguero.

Mo Salah 

Many people have described Salah this week as the ‘shield’ choice for FPL managers. For those who don’t know, shield represents a safe choice that wouldn’t harm your ranking as many other managers would choose that player. The ‘sword’ option refers to a differential pick that wont be as common of a choice, and could harm your ranking if the shield option performs well. All of last season Salah was deemed as the shield option due to his high ownership and form.

And this represents the situation when discussing the two players for captaincy. Salah is playing Crystal Palace away, against a team rejuvenated since the middle of last season and boasting Zaha off the back of a new contract. An interesting stat too is that Palace are 14 games unbeaten when Tomkins and Sakho both play at CB, which is expected on the weekend.

These factors highlight that this match won’t be an easy game for Liverpool and in turn Mo Salah. However, the shield theory supports the decision to captain him over Aguero, and avoid possibly losing ground in mini leagues. His goal scoring form like season also showed that Salah is ‘fixture-proof’ and has the ability to score a brace against any defence.

 Our Choice

Currently, we have the captain armband on Sergio Aguero. We think there is a big chance that he could start from the bench behind Jesus, and possibly play 20/25 minutes. However, we think that its a risk we are willing to take considering the opponent that Salah is facing.

Aguero against a defence like Huddersfield only needs 20 minutes to score a brace, and we can’t imagine a better chance to captain him being a FPL owner. If we change our mind we will be sure to let you know, but that’s the current situation.

All the best this week!

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