FPL alternatives for Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne has reportedly suffered a serious knee injury, with reports suggesting he could be out for a minimum of 2 months. In this article, we are going to look at the FPL alternatives for De Bruyne and reflect on their current start to the season.

Looking at the potential fixtures De Bruyne could miss, Man City couldn’t of picked a better selection of matches:

De Bruyne Fixtures

If De Bruyne was to return after the initial two months, the only significant match he would miss would be Liverpool (A). Regardless, this provides an opportunity for other Man City midfielders to play over the upcoming fixtures. Rotation is a regular feature with Guardiola, so with this injury it may see certain players cement their positions within the team. And for FPL managers, it will provide a better opportunity to purchase players with guaranteed minutes.

Man City Options

De Bruyne’s £10.0m price tag on fantasy premier league sees him valued as one of the most expensive midfielders on the game, after his 8 goals and 18 assists last season. With over a 25% ownership prior to the injury, FPL managers are looking for alternatives to replace the midfielder.

One option for managers is to continue selecting a City midfielder, with the great fixtures they have in mind. Bernardo Silva has been a popular choice due to his low price (£7.5m), impressive pre season and goal in the opening premier league fixture. Guardiola’s comments about him have only reassured that Silva’s position in the team is secured for the short term at least. Buying Silva would provide £2.5m additional funds to spend across your team, and would prove to be a wise decision if you need to strengthen in other areas.

Sane (£9.5m) has struggled during pre season and the arrival of Mahrez and early return of Sterling has cast doubt over his playing time in the opening fixtures. Although there is no questioning the players ability, it would be worth assessing his playing time over the next few fixtures before spending your De Bruyne money on a rotation risk.

Alternative options

We have identified 3 players who over the next few fixtures could provide a healthy points haul, and replace De Bruyne.

Sadio Mane

After his 2 goals in the opening game week, Mane (£9.5m) rewarded FPL managers with a 16 point haul. His fixtures over the same period as De Bruyne’s injury are a mixed bag, however the home matches alone could prove to be high scoring matches.

Mane fixtures

With the Liverpool team looking stronger than the previous season, we think that owning Mane could be an essential pick this year if they continue their strong start. His position in the team is cemented and if you aren’t currently tripling up on Liverpool players, this should be a transfer you consider.


Although Eriksen didn’t directly contribute in the 2-1 victory over Newcastle, he provided 8 crosses and 2 shots. Along with having set pieces, we think that Eriksen is a great alternative to De Bruyne, and at £0.5m cheaper. Fantasyfootballfix’s algorithm predicts Tottenham to be top goal scorers this weekend, so it could be a great entry point for the Dane.

Tottenham’s fixtures over the 2 month period include matches against Fulham, Watford, Brighton, Huddersfield and Cardiff. We expect him to feature heavily in these matches, and with him being one of the first names on the team sheet, he is a minutes guarantee.


Our budget option comes in the shape of Everton’s new recruit, Richarlison. With 2 goals on his debut against Wolves, he performed how many FPL managers hoped, now working again for the manager he clearly loves. His underlying stats were also impressive, having more touches than any other Everton midfielder or striker, and scoring from his only 2 shots on target.

Consider your team before deciding

The players we have suggested all vary in budget and fixture difficulty, to provide a broad selection. De Bruyne’s high price means that a majority of the midfielders are options, however you must consider the balance of your current squad.

If you have a team which doesn’t look like it will score many points from a defensive perspective, then consider transferring in a cheaper midfielder like Richarlison. This will provide needed funds to boost positions that are weaker within your team. If you choose to do this option, then you know that for GW2 you only have 1 free transfer. We’d recommend that, if your squad is healthy enough, to roll the free transfer over to GW3. Doing this, it will give you 2 free transfers where you can change your squad without taking a points hit so early in the season.

But these sort of decisions are specific to your own FPL team and the strategy that you want to play. It’s important to make decisions considering the balance of your team, and if an expensive player is to be included, how you will bring that player in without taking significant point hits.

If you have any difficulties in making a decision for your team, or have a general question, don’t hesitate to comment below or contact us directly. We aim to create these articles to provide some advice and considerations, but we enjoy helping individual teams out as we understand not all advice is relevant to everyones team.


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