Fantasy Football Premier League 2018/19 – Introduction

Fantasy football has now officially arrived and we wave goodbye to any free time that we enjoyed during the season break. Gone are the days relaxing in the record breaking summer sun, instead replaced with hours of predicting Guardiolas line ups and seeking the 5.0m midfield gem.

So we have decided to let you in on our journey through the fantasy season, sharing our knowledge throughout the campaign. We will be posting team updates throughout the week with an in-depth look into our thought process and team changes. We plan to create a community of fellow fantasy football lovers to discuss amongst ourselves and offer valuable advice when needed.

For those that are interested in competing amongst themselves, we have created a online league that is free to join:

League Code: 2297733-525881

League Name:

We will be posting our initial draft team tomorrow, along with the other templates that we have created, so be sure to keep an eye out on that!

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