Fantasy Football – Gameweek 2 Squad Preview

In this article we are reflecting on our game week 1 performance, and look ahead to the game week 2 preview of the squad.

Gameweek 1 Review

Gameweek 1 points: 91

Overall points: 91

Overall Gameweek rank: 61,388

Gameweek 1 squad points

A brilliant start to the fantasy season with a total of 91 points. The 12 points of Wan-Bissaka on the bench is the only negative from the gameweek, but not beating ourselves up over the decision. For anyone else who had benched him, don’t beat yourself up! Not many would of predicted the points haul he got, especially away from home.

The surprising stars of the week were in fact the left backs:

  • Mendy 15 points
  • Shaw 11 points
  • Robertson 11 points
  • Alonso 11 points
  • PVA 11 points

Thankfully we owned three of these players, and especially in Luke Shaw, we hope they will be template players in our squad for the long term. Aguero’s one on one miss was unfortunate, however it won’t help his cause with Jesus breathing down his neck. As mentioned in our analysis of Manchester United v Leicester, Sanchez looked poor on the ball and was somewhat fortunate to be given the assist for the penalty after the handball.

Gameweek 2 preview

Here’s our current team without any changes for GW2:

Gameweek 2 squad preview

So looking ahead to game week 2, our starting 11 picks itself with a favourable fixture for our Man City treble. The only worry about the match against Huddersfield is the Guardiola tinkering and whether Jesus will be starting ahead of Aguero. We’re not going to try and read his mind, however from a FPL perspective it isn’t worth selling Aguero. It would be mad to consider selling him with the amazing fixtures that he has coming up. Something we will be keeping an eye on is his minutes in the next 2 fixtures, as if limited we may look at potential alternatives who are nailed starters. These right now include Aubameyang (£11.0m) and Lukaku (£11.0m), who both have similarly easier fixtures. Something to consider.

Benjamin Mendy looked awesome against Arsenal and played a similar role to Alonso last year, bombing forward at every opportunity. Some whispers of putting Mendy as captain may be a joke, however don’t be surprised if he has a similar points haul this weekend. We aren’t brave enough for that option!

The return of Lukaku will end the hopes of Sanchez playing in the striker position, and will see him move to a left sided forward. Although Sanchez was poor on Friday night, we aren’t jumping ship just yet with the upcoming trip to Brighton. Brighton looked equally poor over the weekend and it isn’t a sensible fixture to transfer him out with his potential goal threat. He is however on the watchlist, mainly due to the price associated and could provide valuable funds for future transfers.

Zaha will have a difficult fixture against high flying Liverpool, but he is their main goal threat and we think he could score against anyone in the league with his ability. A long term hold in our eyes.

Transfer thoughts & captaincy

Currently, we are planning on rolling over our free transfer and saving it for GW3. The significant reason for this is the lack of Arsenal cover that we have in the team, and after there first 2 difficult fixtures we fancy them to find them feet against West Ham (H). This could take the shape of Aubameyang, either selling Sanchez or Ageuro (depending on Guardiola conferences), or a midfielder like Ramsey/Ozil.

Another area we would like to improve is the goalkeeper situation. It seems like Hamer at Huddersfield could be the new number 1, and at £4.0m would provide a playing back up to Patricio. This isn’t an essential transfer but would be great if we can do it with a free transfer, as it isn’t worth the points hit right now. Other than that we think the team is looking pretty well balanced, and could only need a handful of transfers before the international break where we plan to wildcard.

For captaincy, the fixtures suggest that Aguero would be the obvious choice for managers. However with the team selection at City, minutes could be limited for him so Salah will be the safe bet. We will wait for the press conferences by all managers, but those are the two we are debating currently.

Let us know how your team is getting on and don’t hesitate to ask any questions about your own teams!

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