Fantasy Football – Final Gameweek 3 Wildcard Team

As mentioned in our previous article, we activated our wildcard shortly after GW2, to the horror of some FPL managers. And like a kid in a candy store, we have spent the past week drafting countless teams with the plethora of FPL players on show. Like most kids in a candy store, we’ve been left with far too much choice and resulting in an inevitable headache.

Before we get onto our team, we just wanted to quickly talk about the perception amongst FPL in regards to activating a wildcard early. Many FPL managers believe that activating the chip early on can be deemed as a waste. In fact, the wildcard chip shouldn’t be time dependent, and instead squad dependent. Although we are only 2 GW’s into the season, players have risen in price by £0.2-£0.3m, injures to high ownerships and world cup stars still not starting for teams. These reasons alone are valid when considering a wildcard, and for many managers these factors are putting a strain on teams.

Points hits so early in the season can be avoided with the use of the wildcard, and people shouldn’t be scared that it is being wasted by playing it so close to the opening week. Players like Mendy, Mane and Richarilson have become form players and in turn price rises, so for managers that don’t own these players it is difficult to fit them in without major surgery to the team. Of course the international break coming up can cause problems in regards to players fitness, but managers shouldn’t be crawling their teams to the GW that seems ‘normal’ to play the wildcard. Don’t be scared to hit the button!

Wildcard Squad

We have spent more time than we’d like to admit changing our wildcard squad. We’ve alternated between a premium strike-force, premium defence and a balanced squad. Our initial squad was tailored towards a premium defence and we have decided to stick to that formula. Here is the final squad and starting 11 for GW3:

Wildcard final squad

So Pickford to Ederson is the only change from our initial wildcard draft. We don’t want to repeat what we have already spoken about with this team, but the template players remain constant throughout the drafts. Pickford was our goalkeeper for a long time, however we opted for Ederson due to Man City’s dominance over teams and clean sheet potential. Everton are still in a transition stage and although look decent going forward, the defence is still not worth investing in our eyes.

Honourable Mentions

Although our squad hasn’t changed from significantly from our original draft, there are some honourable mentions that created plenty of headaches for us. Check out our recent article on our top 5 picks for GW3.

Aubameyang has blanked in the opening games, but we think he will score big in his upcoming fixtures for Arsenal. He was the other premium striker that we considered for our squad, as we felt Harry Kane’s fixtures were too tricky to justify the additional £1.5m to include in our squad. After Aguero’s hat trick and Guardiola’s comments on the Argentine, we couldn’t see a wildcard team with him not in it. Although we think Aubameyang can match his points score, a triple up on City players seems a must-have at this stage in the season.

Bernardo Silva has been unlucky to leave our squad, after returning 10 points over the first 2 games. The City rotation over the weekend however put a doubt in our heads, and that any player is prone to it. Although not owning a City midfielder scares the life out of us, we think owning Mendy and Ederson will return better points in the long term than Silva.

Eden Hazard hasn’t featured in the starting 11 yet, however that day seems to be arriving quick with comments from Sarri suggesting he is close to match fitness. On his day Hazard is one of the best players in the league, and with the attacking style the new manager prefers, it could see a handsome return of points in the long term. Even though we were desperate to feature Hazard in the team, our premium defence approach left little budget to afford another premium midfielder with Salah.

Captain Pick

We are going to keep this short and sweet.


No, in all serious, this decision has been harder than expected after Aguero’s hat trick over the weekend. However Brighton’s defensive blows and Liverpool’s impressive start to the campaign can only mean captaincy for FPL’s top point scorer last season.


That’s our squad for GW3, we wish the best to all FPL managers!

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