DGW25 FPL Guest Q&A – Best double gameweek players

In this weeks FPL Guest Q&A article, we are joined by regular FPL guest LetsTalkSoccer who will be sharing their thoughts on the most popular questions ahead of DGW25. This week we will be discussing Digne, Aubameyang owners, best players to own for the double gameweek and Felipe Anderson.

Thanks to all those people that sent in their questions to us, we have picked out the most popular ones that have been asked. Like always if you enjoy the content, please give our Twitter account a follow along with our FPL guests this week.

“What to do with Digne after his red card ahead of DGW25?”


Oh, Lucas Digne!  Why do you troll us? You gave us an assist, a clean sheet and a full bonus haul for 12 luscious FPL points two gameweeks ago, then follow it up with an own goal in the next game and a red card most recently (-1 and -2 FPL points, respectively). We had so much faith in you, especially going into a double gameweek, but now you’re suspended for one of those two games.

The way we look at it, there are two main options if you currently own him:

1) hold and bench him for one game

2) replace him

If you hold, he becomes available for the Man City game. Defensively speaking, it seems City will score goals against Pickford and crew, so no real possibility of a clean sheet for the Toffies. Perhaps one can hope for attacking returns from Digne, but that’s a fairly unlikely occurrence for defenders.

If you replace him, however, you have options.

One option is to replace like for like with another Everton defender in order to take advantage of the DGW. That leaves you with Keane (£4.9m), Zouma (£5.0m), Coleman (£5.2m), maybe Mina (£5.4m) and maybe Baines (£5.0m), if either (or both) are fit enough to play. Seeing that they face a Wolves team that has been putting up goals, followed by a very angry City team focused on punishing the next team it faces, we don’t think this is the best route.

That leaves the option of replacing Digne with a player from another team. This can be spilt into two approaches:

1) go for someone with the same/similar price

2) go cheaper to enable upgrades in other areas of your team

If you choose option 1, Doherty (£5.2m), TAA (£5.2m – if healthy) and Pereira (£5.3m) are top of the list. If you want to save a little cash so you can make additional changes as described in option 2, look to defenders like AWB (£4.5m), Holebas (£4.8m), Bamba (£4.6m), Jonny (£4.3m) and Duffy (£4.6m).



Digne has got to go down as one of the most extreme FPL players to grace the game. He has had the highs of amazing hauls including 10, 12 and 17 points. But, he has also produced some awful performances, notably THREE negative scoring games, including back to back ones in GW23/24.

He was in many owners plans to have him play in both matches in the DGW25, but now after his red card he will be out for the favourable home fixture against Wolves. I have mentioned in previous conversations, that the City midfield is the best investment for managers over the DGW. With this said, I think Digne shouldn’t be an essential sale unless mangers already own some City attacking assets.

While it is frustrating, Digne could be easily benched and treated like a player who has a single gameweek. Managers can then play someone in their squad who has more of a favourable single match, using a free transfer to bring in a higher value player for the DGW. Everton face Watford away in GW26 before his blank in GW27, potential value in this fixture. While Digne looks like his days are over for many managers, there is an argument to just bench him for this weekend.

If you are looking for a replacement, and specifically for the DGW, then I think the most value lies in the City defence. In that case, the only two viable options are Stones (£5.2m) or Danilo (£5.1m), both who have potential minutes’ risk. Outside of the double gameweek, I can’t look past TAA (£5.2m) if he is announced fit by Klopp for this weekend.

“Best players to own for the DGW25?”


From the DGW teams, we like Aguero, KDB, Sterling and Sane from City. Much more difficult to decide on Everton players. If a manager already owns Richarlison or Siggy, they should hold onto them for the week. But we don’t advise anyone to go out and transfer them into their teams unless they really want them. It doesn’t seem that they’ll produce massive returns, even with two games on the docket.

Although, any managers using Free Hit for the DGW should consider maxing out on Man City and Everton players. That’s a responsible use of the chip (It’s also good to use in blank Gameweeks). From teams with a single game in Week 25, we like Sonny, Eriksen, Ings, Higuain, David Luiz, Babel, Mitrovic, Jota, Fraser, Brooks, Rashford, Robertson, VVD, Kepa, Salah and Firmino.



The first double gameweek has arrived for managers in the form of Man City v Everton on Wednesday 6th February. It’s now a case of negotiating the gameweek with the appropriate amount of players from either team. It is worth noting for managers that both sides have a blank gameweek 27, therefore long term planning is as important as short term.

I believe that the best value over the double gameweek will be in the Man City midfield. The two players that I would target are their leading points scorers, Sterling and Sane. After the defeat against Newcastle, you would expect Pep to field a strong side against Arsenal to reignite their title challenge. The Everton match is the one that could see rotation of players, something that can’t be predicted with the unpredictability of Pep.

It seems that if managers want to just own players that are guaranteed minutes over these matches from City, then there are only a handful of FPL picks. Ederson (£5.6m) would have been one of those, but there have been question marks over an injury so it would be worth hearing more from Pep before moving for him. Laporte (£5.9m) is the stand out option, having only been benched once this season. I don’t think the City defence is consistent enough to justify taking a hit to own Laporte or Ederson, but if you have a free transfer then those two would be my choice.

I’ve already mentioned midfield options Sane and Sterling, but in regards to minutes and FPL value, the only choice I see both is in B. Silva. A strange time after being benched in GW23 and 24, but I believe he will start both matches in GW25. He has been trusted in every ‘top 6’ clash and don’t see why this would change for one of the stand out players for City. At £7.6m, he can be transferred in without breaking the bank, but don’t expect double digits hauls from Silva.

Aguero and Jesus have been in question for the DGW, but the big question mark over them is the game time that they will undoubtedly share over these matches. I think that Aguero is the best option of the two, but the midfield should be the priority before aiming to own these two.

In regards to Everton, as mentioned in the previous question Digne has all but ruined his value over this period. The two players that I would target would be Richarlison and Sigurdsson. Richarlison has come off the back of a much needed goal against Huddersfield, and while he isn’t in sparkling form he is one of Everton’s biggest threats. Sigurdsson (£7.3m) is the more expensive option, but with the added incentive of set pieces, especially against City he could prove valuable over the two matches.

“End of the road for Felipe Anderson?”


He fell off our radar just as fast as he jumped onto it. With no goals and no assists in his last five games, it’s not a good time to own Anderson. We cut him loose a few weeks ago.

After Liverpool in GW25, West Ham’s fixtures get tempting. Of the 7 games within Weeks 26 to 32, only one of them has an FDR above 3. In fact, five of them have an FDR of 2 (one is a 5 and one has an FDR of 3).

If you own Anderson and have other areas of your team that are in more need of attention, it’s not terrible to hold onto him. If there’s a chance of him finding his form, he could reward his very, very patient owners. But, we don’t recommend buying him until he proves he’s returned to form.



We had previously discussed the value of Anderson in our GW24 Guest Q&A article featuring FPL Tipster and FPL XI. Since his brace in GW19, his stats haven’t been impressive which have been a reflection of West Ham’s performances.

Anderson has produced 8 shots and 8 key passes in his last 5 league matches, however with only an xG 0.33. Clearly his and West Ham’s attacking threat has dropped over the past month.

West Ham face a mixed bag of fixtures over February, facing tough games against title rivals Liverpool and Man City.

Anderson Fixtures

I still think there is some value in Anderson in the other fixtures, however with the double gameweek this weekend it looks like a good opportunity to take advantage. Anderson (£7.2m) could easily be transferred into Richarlison (£6.8m) whose fixtures have been mentioned in the previous question.

Another player that could be a differential pick for the double game week is Bernardo Silva (£7.6m) if managers can stretch the budget. Having been rested in GW24, you would expect Silva to play a significant part of DGW25 and could be a nice move for Anderson owners.

“Should Aubameyang owners jump ship to Aguero for the DGW?”


Being that one of us is a Man City supporter (in full disclosure), we’ll answer this as objectively as we can! Our answer is “yes”, and here’s why:

With the loss at Newcastle, Man City are more desperate for points than ever. And since Liverpool drew with Leicester, Man City smell an opportunity to get some points back. That means Pep must rely on his leaders and big game players. Every game is now a big game for them. Aguero fits that job description. So it stands to reason that Kun could feature in both games.

And even if he doesn’t, he’ll almost certainly play more minutes than Aubameyang will that same matchweek if just for the sake that he has two games. It’s one of those things where it’s worth the gamble of going with Aguero because of the points potential he represents. Then, current Auba owners can get him back as soon as the website/app will allow transfers to be made for Week 26.



This has been a popular question in Twitter recently, and I have created a Twitter thread that addresses the topic below (click to view):



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