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Defender FPL 2019/20

FPL Defender Analysis 2019/20

2018/19 Defender Analysis Unlike analysing goalkeepers in FPL, defenders are slightly more complex in that there are 2 main positions – centre backs and full backs – including multiple ways of scoring points. To try to gauge if there is a difference between how well different positions do, I looked at the top 20 point scoring defenders. Only 7 were...


Nuno Wolves

Will the Europa League impact Wolves FPL assets?

Wolves 2018/19 Season Wolves enjoyed a successful return to the Premier League finishing an all-time best 7th position. Their impressive performances throughout the season have landed them a spot in the 2019/20 Europa League competition. For many fans, this is a brilliant opportunity for Wolves to showcase their new brand of football on the European stage. However, the question will be...



FPL 2019/20 Transfer Round Up

We are providing a weekly FPL transfer round up, highlighting all the player movements into the Premier League. In this article, we look at their existing Premier League stats, past season performances and FPL potential for the new campaign. Arsenal Out Danny Welbeck After 5 years Welbeck has been released by Arsenal after another season limited by injuries. The Englishman...


Goalkeeper FPL Options

The best FPL goalkeepers for the 2019/20 season

With the 2018/19 season having drawn to a close, now seems a good time to look back and see what can be learnt from the previous season in preparation for Newcastle’s dramatic Premier League winning campaign with Kylian Mbappe taking home the golden boot at the same time. 2018/19 Season Analysis The goalkeeper strategy for FPL usually forms one of...


2019/20 FPL Contributors

2019/20 FPL Content Creators

The 2018/19 FPL season is finally over and for many a chance to recharge from the stress of the game. We have been busy this season creating content and we are now looking to expand the team ahead of the FPL campaign. We are on the hunt for people that are interested in contributing as writers for the 2019/20 season....


Kevin De Bruyne injury

Who are the best De Bruyne FPL replacements?

Kevin De Bruyne has been hit by injury after injury this season, the latest coming in their GW35 match against Spurs. A shame for both Man City and the footballing world, as his talents have been in full display over the last few weeks. De Bruyne produced two fantastic performances against Cardiff and Crystal Palace, returning back-to-back 11 point scores...


Bench Boost FPL

When should FPL managers play their bench boost?

At the start of the FPL season, managers are given 4 ‘chips’ that can be used throughout to help boost their teams. These include: triple captain, free hit, wildcard (one between GW1-20 and a second from GW21 till the end of the season) and bench boost. Managers have used different strategies when using their chips, and a popular one involves...


GW34 Wildcard

GW34 FPL Wildcard Team and Player Analysis

For many FPL managers, gameweek 34 is the time for them to activate their wildcard and start building a team for the final games. In this article, we have looked at each team and highlighted the best players to own in your wildcard team. This will also provide information for those without a wildcard, as we have looked at the...


GW33 Captain Pick

GW33 FPL Q&A – Best Leicester Midfielder and Captaincy Pick

In this weeks FPL Guest Q&A article, we are joined by FPL Canuck and regular LetsTalkSoccer who will be sharing their thoughts on the most popular questions ahead of blank GW33. This week we will be discussing Anderson replacements, Leicester midfielders, best captaincy picks and Arsenal value. Thanks to all those people that sent in their questions to us, we have picked...


GW31 Free Hit

Imaginary GW31 Free Hit Team

It’s the week everyone has been debating and planning towards, gameweek 31. For many managers, the debate has been over whether to build a team to field in GW31, or use their precious free hit chip. While there are plenty of strategies being planned, a popular one is to use the chip this weekend. Personally, we are using our free...