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Kevin De Bruyne injury

Who are the best De Bruyne FPL replacements?

Kevin De Bruyne has been hit by injury after injury this season, the latest coming in their GW35 match against Spurs. A shame for both Man City and the footballing world, as his talents have been in full display over the last few weeks. De Bruyne produced two fantastic performances against Cardiff and Crystal Palace, returning back-to-back 11 point scores...


Bench Boost FPL

When should FPL managers play their bench boost?

At the start of the FPL season, managers are given 4 ‘chips’ that can be used throughout to help boost their teams. These include: triple captain, free hit, wildcard (one between GW1-20 and a second from GW21 till the end of the season) and bench boost. Managers have used different strategies when using their chips, and a popular one involves...


GW34 Wildcard

GW34 FPL Wildcard Team and Player Analysis

For many FPL managers, gameweek 34 is the time for them to activate their wildcard and start building a team for the final games. In this article, we have looked at each team and highlighted the best players to own in your wildcard team. This will also provide information for those without a wildcard, as we have looked at the...


GW33 Captain Pick

GW33 FPL Q&A – Best Leicester Midfielder and Captaincy Pick

In this weeks FPL Guest Q&A article, we are joined by FPL Canuck and regular LetsTalkSoccer who will be sharing their thoughts on the most popular questions ahead of blank GW33. This week we will be discussing Anderson replacements, Leicester midfielders, best captaincy picks and Arsenal value. Thanks to all those people that sent in their questions to us, we have picked...


GW31 Free Hit

Imaginary GW31 Free Hit Team

It’s the week everyone has been debating and planning towards, gameweek 31. For many managers, the debate has been over whether to build a team to field in GW31, or use their precious free hit chip. While there are plenty of strategies being planned, a popular one is to use the chip this weekend. Personally, we are using our free...



GW31 FPL Thoughts

With all the discussion about the best strategy and players to own, I thought I would update everyone with my plans for my team. Hopefully those that are in a similar situation can relate and take some tips from this. Current FPL Team My current situation is I used triple captain in the double GW25 on Sterling, which turned out...


Blank Gameweek 27 Player Picks and Tips

GW27 has been in the knowledge of most FPL managers, carefully planning for the blank fixtures that await. For those that have read that sentence and choked on their drink, unaware of these upcoming blanks, here’s the roundup: Everton v Man City – rearranged from GW27 to GW25 Chelsea v Brighton – rearranged from GW27 to a undecided date. For...


Hazard troll

Eden Hazard – FPL Troll?

Eden Hazard has been one of the stand out performers this season, currently the 2nd highest scoring FPL midfielder (139) behind Salah (149). However, after back to back blanks from the Belgian, many FPL managers have questioned, once again, the value of him. 883,793 FPL managers decided to captain Hazard ahead of his GW21 home match against Southampton. Unfortunately, the managers...



Do Man Utd players offer FPL value after Mourinho sacking?

Manchester United have finally sacked the ‘special one’ and as Mourinho departs, fans will hope that the black cloud will follow. For FPL managers, United players have been mainly unattractive all season with glimmers from some along the way. Their form has been reflected in their low FPL ownership, with De Gea (14.9%) being the highest, followed by Pogba (9.5%)....