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Game week 12

FPL Gameweek 13 Squad Preview

Hope everyone had a good game week, a shame that the international break has arrived once again to interrupt the FPL flow. Before we go into our GW12 performance, be sure to check out our previous article discussing our final team selection. GW12 Review Total Points: 63 Overall points: 778 Overall rank: 25,861 A solid week by all accounts, and...


Game week 11 Points

FPL Gameweek 12 Squad Preview

In this article we are reflecting on our game week 11 performance, and preview the FPL gameweek 12 squad. Gameweek 11 Review A reminder of our transfers and situation ahead of GW11: πŸ”’ Final GW11 Squad πŸ”’ Monreal ➑️ MendyIngs ➑️ Success -4pt hit 😫£0.2m ITB πŸ’°Aguero Β© Hoping for a decent GW πŸ™πŸ»How's your team looking ahead of GW11?#FPL...


GW10 Squad

GW10 FPL Final Squad

We have finalised our GW10 FPL squad and are locked in for the weekend. No game week 10 preview blog but here is a reminder of the squad and its performance from GW9. 47 Points 49,016 Overall Rank A pleasing 10,000 green arrow for the week, however a few disappointing performances by the Chelsea boys and Zaha. Game week 10...


GW8 Squad Review

FPL Gameweek 9 Squad Preview

In this article we are reflecting on our game week 8 performance, and preview the FPL gameweek 9 squad. Gameweek 8 Review Gameweek 8 points: 48 Overall points: 524 Overall rank: 59,995 A disaster of a gameweek to say the least which has seen our overall rank double. Going into gameweek 8, we had 2 free transfers and Β£1.8m in...


GW8 Early Squad

Gameweek 8 Squad Preview

In this article we are reflecting on our game week 7 performance, and look ahead to the FPL gameweek 8 preview of the squad. Gameweek 7 Review Gameweek 7 points: 59 Overall points: 476 Overall rank: 24,428 So a small red arrow for GW7 but overall a pretty standard week with few complaints. The one transfer that we made was...


GW5 Final Team

Final GW5 FPL Team

Finally, it’s over. The international break has come and gone, and FPL normality has been restored to our lives. As mentioned in our GW5 FPL team preview, we had a few rotation problems and injuries that had to be assessed over the international break. Fraser has now been added to the injury list while on duty with Scotland, and added...


GW4 score team

Fantasy Football – Gameweek 5 Squad Preview

In this article we are reflecting on our game week 4 performance, and look ahead to the FPL gameweek 5 preview of the squad. Gameweek 4 Review Gameweek 4 points: 50 Overall points: 283 Overall Gameweek rank: 44,183 Gameweek 4 proved to be a difficult week for many FPL managers, with only a 44 point average across the game. We...


Wildcard final squad

Fantasy Football – Final Gameweek 3 Wildcard Team

As mentioned in our previous article, we activated our wildcard shortly after GW2, to the horror of some FPL managers. And like a kid in a candy store, we have spent the past week drafting countless teams with the plethora of FPL players on show. Like most kids in a candy store, we’ve been left with far too much choice...


Wildcard squad

GW3 Wildcard

The nuclear button has been activated! GW2 hasn’t yet finished, however we have decided to wildcard ahead of GW3. Predicted price rises and falls for players in our squad was the main reason for our GW3 wildcard. Before going into our transfers and thoughts, we’d like to mention that this was not a snap decision, and instead a long term...



Fantasy Football – Final Gameweek 2 Team

Gameweek 2 has come round the corner and it’s time for us to pick our squad for the week. In case you missed it, here’s a recap on our GW1 performance. So after a great GW1, we have found ourselves in an unusual position of being content with the squad that we have. We know that lightning never strikes twice,...