3 Games, 3 Gameweeks in 11 Days?! What FPL Managers Can Do

Gameweek 14 is almost here. And so is GW15…AND GW16 too. What in the world is going on?!

Buckle up, FPL managers, there will be 3 Premier League matchweeks, 3 games per team all crammed into 11 days. It’s gonna be a wild ride. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • GW14 runs from Friday, 30 November to Sunday, 02 December
  • GW15 runs from Tuesday, 04 December to Wednesday, 05 December
  • GW16 runs from Saturday, 08 December to Monday, 10 December

Before you ask, yes, you’ll get a new free transfer for each of those gameweeks. Just like any gameweek during a more normal timeframe.

This jam-packed period of games presents a couple of things for consideration:

  1. Squad rotations: It’s almost a given that clubs’ managers will rotate their squads. If you think Pep is unpredictable during a regular gameweek, imagine what he’ll be like over those 11 days!
  2. Injuries and rest: With that much stress put on a player’s body in that condensed window of time, injuries are inevitable. And, if injuries don’t occur, some players will be benched so they can rest and recover before they do get injured.

Now, before you panic or start planning to use your Free Hit chip or pull your hair out, this is a very manageable time, especially if you’ve followed the advice previously posted here regarding the benefit of a strong bench and the best use of your chips.

Here’s what we recommend:

✓ Plan. Take a look at your players and see what fixtures they have coming up. Get an idea of what substitutions you’ll want to make and what potential transfers you might do (assuming that there are no injuries). This also includes listening to teams’ managers during their press conferences to hopefully learn of players’ statuses.

✓ Solidify your bench. This means having players that start regularly, play for as close to 90 minutes/game as possible, and are the best options in their positions (meaning: defenders should be wingbacks and midfielders should be attacking mids). Pay attention and arrange your bench players in the best spots (1, 2 and 3) for each week.

✓ Use your FTs strategically. Don’t chase points or jump on bandwagons during this stretch. No knee-jerk transactions. Use your free transfers to make necessary moves, such as replacing an injured/suspended player or learning whether a player will for certain not start in an upcoming game.

Keep an eye on the bigger picture. Save your free transfers when you can, just in case you need them. And you most likely will need them! It’ll be an 11-day rollercoaster, with lots of ups and downs. Remember, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. We’ll be much stronger when we come out the other side.

That’s all for now. We hope your points are many and your arrows green. Cheers, guys.



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